As your customer base grows, calls for inquiries and support increase. So you’ll need to find a way to attend to customer needs without hindering other business operations. You can achieve that with call center outsourcing. Forbes Advisor has prepared this article to show you what call center outsourcing is, how it works, its benefits and drawbacks, and how it can help enhance customer satisfaction and promote your business.

Outsourcing Customer Support

Call center outsourcing refers to handing over your customer support tasks to an external call center or contact team, which handles calls, surveys and other customer service operations on your behalf. The third-party team might be in your locality or offshore.

Instead of your employees working on customer support through a customer service department, there’s an outside group running all necessary operations for you. You can outsource specific tasks or have them take over everything that has to do with customer calls.

Call center outsourcing allows businesses to focus their resources on the products and services for which they were set up. It avails you more time for product development, marketing, sales and other essential business operations.

Advantages of Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing provides several benefits, including helping you save time and money and improving customer satisfaction, which enhances customer retention. Below are the primary benefits you’ll get from call center outsourcing.

It Is Less Expensive

An outsourced call center manages your call operations. So, call center outsourcing will help you save the money you would otherwise use for office rent, infrastructure costs, equipment purchases, facility maintenance, technology investment and hiring and training customer service agents.

It Improves Customer Experience

Customers enjoy getting their queries answered and issues resolved whenever they want. Since there’s a dedicated team to serve customers 24/7 throughout the year, customers get round-the-clock support, which local businesses can hardly handle on their own.

Even when your business is closed for the day, call center outsourcing ensures you don’t miss out on opportunities.

It Provides Access to Expert Support

Call center outsourcing comes with a network of well-trained support staff that can handle customer needs. These agents are trained with the technical ability to enhance customer relationships and they can handle queries with speed.

Also, call centers have access to data and advanced tools for analytics, which can aid your customer growth and general business development.

It Enhances Customer Retention

With call center outsourcing, your company extends its customer support to a broader group, thereby increasing your lead generation and customer conversion. Since call center agents are more available and sometimes indigenous to your customers, you will be able to attend to more customers in a manner they expert, which improves your customer relationship and keeps customers loyal to your brand. Also, you will gain more qualified leads and increase your profits as a company.

Disadvantages of Call Center Outsourcing

Outsourcing your call center will help you save money and improve customer satisfaction, but it also comes with a few drawbacks. Here are the major ones.

Loss of Collaboration and Control

Since call center agents are not within your organization, call center outsourcing tends to hinder collaboration between the support team and other teams, such as the sales and marketing teams. Also, you lack control over those in charge of your customer service since the agency hires whomever they deem fit. These are people you may not have approved for your organization.

Lack of Industry Knowledge

Outsourced call centers often attend to various companies, so they may not specialize in your industry. Also, since they do not work with your company, they often have limited knowledge about your company’s values and goals. While trained to handle customer issues, they may lack sufficient product knowledge, which often affects how they handle complex calls.

Lack of Feedback

Many businesses find out how to improve their products when customers share their feedback or complaints about specific areas of their services. While call center outsourcing gives you the statistics of processed queries and resolved issues, you’ll most likely miss information on the customers’ real needs and lose out on their specific pain points, thereby hindering your business transformation.

Cost To Outsource Your Call Center

The cost of call center outsourcing depends on the location of your agents and the services your company requires. For instance, while an agent in India or Pakistan generally charges $6 to $9 per hour, one in the United States will charge $26 to $30 per hour for basic services. Those with specific skills, such as registered nurses and licensed insurance agents within the same country, will have you paying up to $30 to $50 per hour for inbound calls.

Keep in mind that call center agencies only get paid for their productive time, which is 85% per hour. This means that you will only be paying $21.25 per hour for an outsourced agent instead of the $25 you would have paid an employee at your company. This difference alone will save your company 15% on employee wages.

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