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The first steps in starting a Social Media Marketing Agency

The first steps in starting a Social Media Marketing Agency .Today, I am going to discuss the first steps in starting a Social Media Marketing Agency. If you read my previous post, you know that I have started on a journey of creating my own agency! And if you haven’t read it, don’t worry, you now know the gist of it and it’s good to have you here!

Now, keep in mind that I have no experience in actually doing this, I have never done it and I don’t even know if what I have written here is how things are actually done in the real world. But it makes sense to me, so I’m going to follow this plan.

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s dive right into it! What is the first thing I need to do to start my own Social Media Marketing Agency? Here is how I imagine the whole process, using a numbered list:

1. Learning about the job.

2. Selecting a niche business.

3. Selecting a potential client company.

4. Creating a social media audit for the potential client.

5. Reaching out to the potential client.

6. Meeting the potential client to discuss the audit.

7. Getting the client.

8. Working.

So, like I said, the first thing would be to actually learn, or rather decide, what exactly the job involves. I imagine it involves the following:

· Creating content for the client.

· Posting the content.

· Interacting with fans.

· Creating ads to gain exposure.

· Build a bigger following.

· Convert those followers into buyers.

I feel like this pretty much covers what services I, as a social media marketing agency, would offer, at least at the beginning. I think that these services are something that I know how to do (in theory) and I feel pretty confident in my ability to perform them adequately. I think that at first, I am going to focus just on Facebook and Instagram, because those two social media sites are the most used ones where I live.

Let’s dive a bit deeper in each of the services I plan to offer:

Creating content for the client

People generally use social media for three different reasons: to communicate, to be informed and most importantly, to have fun. That is why, when I am going to create content, I am mostly going to focus on content that will be fun and educational. I don’t think that people want to constantly see posts where the companies are talking about their products, trying to sell them. But, you have to also include those kinds of selling posts, because one of the end goals of this whole social media thing for the companies is to turn their fans into paying customers. So I will focus on a ratio of 7:2:1 — That means that out of every 10 posts, 7 will be fun, 2 will be informational and 1 will be a selling post.

People react best to visual content, which means photos and videos. That means that at first, I will have to physically visit the client’s storefront and create that content myself, but in time, I plan on hiring photographers, videographers and other content creators, which for me, will automate the whole process.

Posting the content

I am sure this step is self-explanatory, once I have the content ready, I will post it. I will try to have a posting plan and schedule for each client at least a month in advance.

Interacting with fans

Now, this is a pretty important step and I still haven’t really decided how I am going to tackle it. In my opinion, when interacting with fans, the companies should be more human in their approach and in the way they talk. People want to see that they are communicating with other people, not just faceless corporations.

But, the issue for me is the following: should I offer a service of interacting with people at all or should I just focus on running the page for the client? I mean, if I actually interact with the fans, that means that I will have to answer questions, help people, deal with their complaints etc. That would be easy if I work at the client company and I know how to answer those requests. But as an external associate, I am not sure that I can adequately deal with any issues people may have, on behalf of the company.

Creating ads to gain exposure.

Creating ads is an essential part of the job that a social media manager performs. There are three types of ads that I am going to offer to my clients: ads aimed at raising awareness, ads to boost engagement and ads for selling.

The first type of ads will be aimed at people who haven’t heard about the business yet, or don’t really know what it is all about. So the goal with this type of ads is to simply raise their awareness. The second type of ads is for the people that already know that the business exists and what products or services it offers. The goal of these ads will be to boost the engagement of these people with the business, in order to have them consider the business’ products and services when it is time to buy. And the final type of ads are the selling ads, they will be aimed at people who already know that the business exists and they are considering to buy their products or services. The goal of the ad would be to convince these people to actually buy.

Build a bigger following.

This is pretty straight forward, every business owner wants to see that his page has a lot of followers. But the goal is to find the right followers. This means proper market segmentation and targeting. I am going to offer the potential clients the service of creating a profile for their targeted customers. This will allow us to target the right people with the posts and the ads that we are going to run, so that we can get the best results.

Convert those followers into buyers.

I feel like this is the hardest part of the job. Business owners want to see results from their social media marketing efforts and the best kind of result is a conversion. Like I said, this is the hardest part, but with a proper funnel, target market, post and ads strategy, I think I can accomplish it.

Ok, so there you have it, the first steps in starting a Social Media Marketing Agency. These are the basic services that I am going to offer at first and I am going to make a better plan on how to properly present and offer them to the potential clients.

I hope this article has informed you of my goal and maybe even helped you in any way, which is one of the reasons why I am writing these. Anyway, thank you for reading, see you next Friday, when I am going to upload my next article.

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