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Testing generative AI in Photoshop and what it means for artists

How to use Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop

I simply find it ridiculous to complain about “thought policy” because Photoshop doesn’t let you create fake poop. So much for “stock photos” — those can just be synthesized from the huge database of photos it has seen. Now you will pay a subscription fee rather than royalties, and none of that will go to photographers… I have viewed the Glyn Dewis YouTube about the use of this, and what he uses it for makes sense. I’m going to call any radical edits made with it ‘photo-painting’, as it’s a low-effort way of getting impressive results, results that aren’t quite natural, especially when you look close up. It was always a good idea to be critical of what you read in the news and photos you see.

  • With my image, Generative Fill extended the side of the building to perfectly match the perspective and depth of field of the original photo.
  • You can switch from one to another with the arrows or generate new ones.
  • The company eagerly awaits to see the creative ways in which users will leverage this new feature.
  • Experiment, explore, and let your imagination soar as you unlock the full potential of Generative Fill in Photoshop AI.

Once you open the new version of Photoshop, one of the first things you may notice is Adobe’s new Contextual Task Bar. The time for designers to ignore AI has officially passed. Adobe has added generative AI directly in some of its products. Judyth is an experienced studio photographer and glass artist. When she isn’t Photoshopping comedians into the bellies of sharks, you can find her cooking delicious treats for her guests.

Extend images

The Remove Tool is found in the toolbar nested in with the Spot Healing Brush and Photoshop’s other healing tools. If you don’t like any of the initial three results, click Generate again in the Properties Yakov Livshits panel to generate three more. In the Layers panel, a new kind of layer called a Generative layer appears above the image. Notice the new Generative layer icon in the lower right of the thumbnail.

” With Match Fonts, Adobe Sensei steps in to remove the guesswork and delivers a list of similar fonts straight to your interface. If you’re just learning how to make use of Adobe Firefly in your art workflow, then we have some excellent tutorials and advice features that can help. Our feature on how to use Firefly is a good starter, while Ken’s guide to using Firefly to create custom brushes in Procreate is a must-read. Lastly, what happens if you crop tightly around the car above, then give the AI a much larger blank canvas to play with? Firstly, it takes quite a long time to generate, and once complete you end up with a very large Photoshop file that your computer may struggle to work with.

Adobe Unveils Firefly, a Creative AI Model for Art Generation

Use the text prompt dog and its owner looking over the ocean, then click generate. Now that we have our background, let’s add a couple of accents. Start by creating a selection in the water with the lasso tool. Click generative fill, add the text prompt yacht in an ocean, then click generate. Adobe Photoshop has been the go-to software for image editing for over thirty years.

how to use generative ai in photoshop

For more information on how to do this, check out this article. This tool is free to anyone with a pre-existing Photoshop subscription and is fine for commercial use. One of my favorite features of Generative Fill is its ability to remove undesired elements from photos. It’s far superior to Content-Aware Fill, which can occasionally leave visible artifacts. Generative Fill can also be used to expand images, which is useful for cropping or adding borders.

Fixing mistakes using Firefly

Simply use the lasso tool to draw a rough outline around any things you want to remove from the image, then click produce. You can use this tool, for example, to remove other visitors who have mistakenly photobombed your vacation photos. When you make a selection in Photoshop, the image is automatically modified.

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In the image above, the tool was used to overlay the car and the cloud onto the existing image with little more than a simple text prompt. Photutorial is a creative advice website that offers recommendations on stock photos, videos, and graphic design. We may receive compensation in exchange for sponsored products and services or if you click on certain links posted on our site. This compensation may impact the placement and order of products within our listing categories, except where prohibited by law. While we aim to provide a wide range of offers, please note that we do not cover information on every stock photo, video, or graphic design product or service available.

Generative Fill is now supported by Adobe’s Firefly family of creative generative AI models, allowing users to enlarge photos and add or delete objects easily. Combining photos is another great way to use Photoshop AI’s generative fill feature. We’ll show you an example with two video game character images created in Midjourney. We’ll start by creating a blank canvas measuring 1800px by 1024px. Then we’ll import the first image into your canvas by clicking the import button on the contextual taskbar.

If you’re still not sure how to use it and what it can do, please keep reading! Photoshop will automatically modify the image whenever you make a selection. The Generative Fill tool’s settings are also customizable to ensure optimal performance.

And as Adobe gets more data training this tool, we can only expect it to improve. However, you need a Creative Cloud subscription to access this tool. So, if you only need one image and don’t want to buy an Adobe subscription, you should try DALL-E 2’s Outpainting tool instead. We tried it out with a few other images and, more often than not, reached the desired effect. We were even surprised to see that you can make multiple changes to a single image.

how to use generative ai in photoshop

Check out my separate tutorial on how to download the Photoshop beta using the Creative Cloud Desktop app. Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires. I’m also included a step-by-step guide below the video in case you’d prefer to see each step listed. If you are a new user or have never used Photoshop or any Adobe Creative Cloud products before, you may be able to get a free trial of the tool.

Also, keep in mind that you can click the little square at the upper right corner of the images. That will enlarge the image, which I recommend you do to see all the nuance of what the AI produced for this project. I started off with a simple picture from my collection. I took this picture when my wife and I were house-hunting in Oregon. We didn’t wind up buying this place, but it gives us enough elements to test out Generative Fill.

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Metaphysic PRO offers copyright & monetization of AI digital twins.

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Learn how to get access, prompting tips, and how to utilize Firefly’s interface. Love the subject, but would like a more interesting background? Simply press”select subject” in the taskbar, then press command + shift + i to select the background. I can simply select the idiot, press generative fill from the Contextual Task Bar, and then press generate with an empty prompt. You can give it a thumbs up when it’s created exactly what you are looking for, or a thumbs down when it generates less-than-desirable results.

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