Some Examples of Great Customer Service

I’m assuming that everyone is aware by now that providing exceptional and professional customer service is essential to starting and growing a profitable business. When 78% of transactions fail due to subpar customer service, a significant amount of money is lost. It takes roughly 12 good experiences to make up for a poor one, so how are you going to persuade someone who had a negative encounter with you to give you another chance when it takes 12 to entirely change their mind?

On the flip / positive side, loyal customers are worth about 10 times as much as the value of their initial purchase.

So how often do you go above and beyond to ensure your customers are satisfied? How do you stand yourself out as a source of good – no great customer service?

1. Customer Experience Must Be Unified And Consistent

More than ever before, businesses now have more channels and avenues that they can use to resolve customer complaints; the options range from the traditional call center services to social media, messaging, SMS, live online chat, and even self-service. However, it isn’t enough to just have these channels. Having multiple means of contacting you doesn’t resolve your customer’s issues; you or your employees or your outsource support desk partner must deliver a delightful experience across all platforms.

This means that customers who contact you via social media, for instance, will get the same level of knowledge, empathy, and responsiveness that they would have gotten from the traditional call centers.

How much money have you invested in the live chat feature on your websites? Do the responses your clients receive on various platforms differ from one another? Will emailing me one answer and calling me another yield different results? How much do you keep the same across all platforms?

2. You Must Have A Sturdy And Adaptable Social Media Presence

Having Twitter and Facebook sites is insufficient; they also need to be active and managed in a way that invites users to contact them with inquiries or complaints at any time, knowing that they will receive a prompt response. You wouldn’t want the reviews in question to be unfavorable, would you? A recent study reveals that over 66% of potential customers pay attention to these reviews and that over 30% of customers will share their positive experiences on social media. Always keep in mind your brand’s reputation; providing excellent services is justified on its own.

3. Minimize Wait Times as Much as Possible

When clients try to recollect how they were serviced, the speed at which their complaints are resolved comes to mind 69% of the time. And it makes sense, since nobody like waiting, in my opinion. The goal of customer service is to minimize wait times for customers by offering solutions as quickly as feasible.

4. Your Representatives Must Have Empathy

Many consumers rank empathy as a crucial component when evaluating customer service. Additionally, they want customer care that doesn’t cause them needless annoyances, like having to wait on hold or explain the same problem to several different customer service agents.

Examples of Great Customer Service

Below, I’d like to talk about 4 customer service stories that blew me away when I first read them. They are perfect examples of customer service reps going over and beyond to make sure the customer is happy. The brands are quite popular – Zappos, American Express, Rackspace, and Trader Joes – and with service like this, no one is surprised they’ve grown so much.

The Zappos Purse Rescue

This first story is the story of a young couple’s encounter with Zappos, whose core value is to “Deliver WOW Through Service”.

While the recentlywed couple was preparing for their relocation, the husband packed all of her jewels inside one of her purses, which he then placed into what he thought was an extra Zappos box. He had no idea that his wife was going to send that purse back to Zappos in its box! Upon returning the box, she does not realize that inside was her thousands of dollar jewelry collection!

Upon arriving at their new residence, she discovered that her assortment of jewels was absent. She contacted a Zappos representative after discussing the situation with her husband, and he forwarded the package straight to his desk. Since he didn’t want any of her belongings to be lost or damaged during transit, the representative chooses to purchase a plane ticket and personally deliver everything as soon as it arrives. Whoa!

American Express Saves The Day

American Express has a lot of great customer service stories, but the one that really stands out to me – that I’ll be sharing today – is the one where a hotel café manager asks the people at American Express to help him get in touch with a customer that made a purchase with their Amex card. You see, he had mistakenly sold them a display case full of harmful chemicals and wanted to reach them before they ate or served it.

Now, there’s obviously no procedure for this, but American Express’ agent took charge of that situation, located him and called him before the cake was served.

Rackspace – An Example of Service-Oriented Culture

Rackspace is one of the largest web hosting companies on the internet and when one day, their entire phone system and internal servers crashed due to a major system failure, a good number of their employees took the never before seen step of tweeting out their personal phones numbers so panicking customers could reach out to them with any questions they had.

What makes this story even more beautiful is the fact that employees took these steps on their own. No one asked them to and it’s not in their employee handbook. This shows that Rackspace really truly has a culture of great service where customers’ needs are always paramount.

Nothing else can adequately represent your brand as well as excellent customer service. For their services to be excellent, your staff doesn’t need to travel across the nation or tweet private cell phone numbers, but you can give them the freedom to deliver unique experiences that will stick in your clients’ minds long after the sale is completed. Sometimes all that’s needed to improve services is a kind human touch.

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